RWP has extensive expertise in the field of energy law. This applies to the preparation of plans and contracts, as well as to advising our clients on the regulatory environment of energy projects.

We are particularly active in the areas of renewable energy and contracting. We also work to settle legal issues either directly associated with conventional power plant construction or within the context of participation in power plant projects.

Moreover, we provide advice in all areas that deal with access to the electrical network and the regulation of network fees. We represent our clients before regulatory authorities and courts.

With respect to concession contracts, we provide support in the tender process and assist in obtaining new concessions and in taking over electrical networks.

We provide support to our clients during negotiations and during the preparation of energy supply and commercial contracts. This level of service and support is necessary because of the increasingly complex contractual structure at the procurement level and because of the particularities of business processes for mass customers.

Primary Advisory Areas:

  • Power plant projects, contracting
  • Renewable energies
  • Regulation of access to grids and access fees
  • Smart Metering, Smart Grids
  • Concession contract law
  • Re-acquisition of privatized municipal properties and services
  • Energy contract law

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