The key area in which we advise clients is procurement law. We are active in complex procurement procedures and subsequent review procedures on behalf of public purchasers and bidders. In addition, we contend with unlawful state subsidies before the authorities and the courts.

We support investors, local authorities and the approving public authorities during the preparation of urban land-use plans, planning assessment procedures and in approval procedures under public law. We also provide advice to companies in this area of the law when establishing commercial facilities and industrial plants.

In the energy, water, waste and transportation industries, we provide advice, especially during the tendering and realization of projects. We advise new competitors on the enforcement of their rights, and we advise public and private companies with respect to the planning and approval of power plants, as well as on renewable energy projects. We also provide advice to the health care sector, to hospitals and to medical service providers regarding issues of financing and procurement of public contracts.

Primary Advisory Areas

  • Procurement procedures
  • Review procedures
  • Support in, and structuring of, procurement projects
  • Contract negociations
  • State aids and subisdies
  • Remedies to the European Commission

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