We offer broad support to corporations and partnerships - especially medium-sized companies - both in matters of corporate law and general commercial law. We also have broad expertise in providing extensive support to purchasers and sellers in transactions and restructurings of companies - irrespective of whether they are registered in Germany or abroad - as well as in advising shareholders and directors. Through our membership in one of the leading networks of independant law firms, we can rely on the support of corporate and transaction lawyers in all jurisdictions of the globe.

Within the context of company transactions, we can carry out the necessary due diligence examinations. In this process, we provide support to our domestic and foreign clients in all phases of the transaction up to "closing". Planning, implementation and financing of successions in owner-managed companies represent a particular focus of our expertise in this practise area.

Shareholders and directors appreciate the advice we provide on a great number of subjects, including, inter alia, the amendment of company agreements, the conduct of general shareholders' meetings, the conclusion and termination of CEO employment agreements and the settlement of disputes with shareholders in, as well as out of, court.

We also provide extensive support to the increasingly important non-profit organizations (for example, associations, non-profit limited liability companies, public limited companies or their bodies) in all legal matters, ranging from the establishment to the provision of ongoing advice.


  • Corporate law
  • Business partnership law
  • Acquisition of businesses (M&A)
  • Management Buy-Out/Management Buy-In
  • Contracting
  • Service/employment contracts with legal representatives of the companies
  • Litigation in all areas of company law
  • Due diligence
  • Non-profit organizations