We advise our clients in matters of public or private infrastructure projects on all issues of public construction, planning, and environmental law.

We support our clients throughout the entire process.

In projects that involve building power plants, high-voltage power lines and other, similar structures, we work with project developers or the public authorities in order to obtain building permits and to prepare urban development agreements.

In other cases, we work with opponents of urban construction in order to block projects in historic, urban, or suburban areas.

In addition, we provide support to the public authorities in large planning projects, particularly in projects regarding the exploitation of raw materials.

We support municipalities and work with local authorities during the preparation of zoning plans in the areas of planning, environment and wildlife protection law.


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Primary Advisory Areas

  • Preparation of urban development agreements
  • Representation of project developers and publics authorities in planning assessment procedures
  • Filing of objections in zoning and planning assessment procedures

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