RWP has an experienced team of experts to competently advise on insolvency law. We support our clients through all phases of a company crisis. We help creditors implement contractual security measures on time to prevent or reduce defaults in receivables.

In times of crisis we advise companies on their bankruptcy filing obligations as well as on the possibilities to avoid these. If an insolvency proceeding is inevitable, we provide support when choosing the right kind of procedure (regular proceedings, reorganization proceedings, debtor-in-possession management, proceedings based on an insolvency plan) and do the necessary preparatory work.

We provide assistance to directors, management boards, supervisory boards and shareholders in preventing liability risks and defending against liability claims.

We also advise companies when they are planning strategic realignments. For example, we provide companies with a brief analysis and long-term organization surveys during refinancing or restructuring.

We assist creditors of insolvent companies in particular when enforcing, security and other creditors’ right as well as when defending against insolvency voidance claims.

Furthermore, on behalf of insolvency receivers we assert claims resulting from insolvency voidance as well as from the directors’ and officers’ statutory liability.

Primary Advisory Areas:

  • Advice in crisis and bankruptcy
  • Restructuring
  • Liability of shareholders and directors
  • Securing and enforcing creditors’ rights
  • Support to receivers when collecting claims
  • Defense against claims brought by receivers

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