Dr. Dieter G. Ehrle

Attorney-at-Law, Partner

  • Born in Radolfzell in 1961
  • Studied at the Univesity of Constance and Trinity College, Cambridge
  • Worked as a freelance specialist for Wilmer, Cutler & Pichering, London, in 1986
  • Appointed legal assistant in the Litigation and Appeal Department of the Federal Ministry of Defence from 1987 to 1988
  • Consultant to the German Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces in 1989
  • Admitted to the German Bar in 1989
  • Employed  with the legal departments of Thyssen Edelstahlwerke AG and Thyssen Handelsunion AG in Düsseldorf from 1991 to 1994
  • Doctorate thesis “The Third-party Liability of the ‘Accountant’ under English Law”, 1993


M&A of medium-sized companies, private equity and VC funds, corporate financing, company succession planning, fund development in the sectors of renewable energy and “green” technologies, state aid by new German States, advising non-profit organisations, other focuses of specialisation: plant and machine construction, solar industry, trade and raw materials, renewable energy.

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  • Ehrle, Die Dritthaftung des „Accountant“ im englischen Recht, 1993

Tel.: +49 351 563 709 00
E-Mail: d.ehrle@rwp-dresden.de